Because we’re total babes, we’ve put up 6 of the 8 tracks that feature on our CSD Heart Throb Yr 1 compilation up for free download (a.k.a. pay what you want) over on Bandcamp. The other two, the newer additions, are only available on the tape. 

The left-over tapes are also available to order, with the Audrey Hepburn cover above one of 5 designs available (you get to choose which one, but hurry, there ain’t many left!). 

HT011 - CSD Release - Heart Throb YR1 Compilation 

So we were psyched to be asked to be a part of the forthcoming Cassette Store Day and we’ve put together a really fun release that we hope you’ll be as excited about as we are. Pulling together some previously tape-only tracks, our Christmas Heart Throbs and two new ones, the 8-song collection will be available from retailers first and foremost on a super-limited run of 50 red cassettes with 5 alternate sleeves, each one featuring a veritable heart throb; be it Marilyn, Marlon, Grace, Audrey or James

Cop the tracklist below, and ask any participating retailer you know to get involved and order some from us! 


  1. Crash & The ‘Coots - Ça Pourrait Changer
  2. Silkies - It Hurts To Be Sixteen 
  3. Torches - Spooky 
  4. Ides - Take Me Home
  5. Howl - Venus As a Boy
  6. Bear State - Enjoy The Silence
  7. Beaty Heart - Seafood (God Only Knows)
  8. Rad Stewart - Spread Eagle Cross The Block

HT006 - Beaty Heart - Seafood


Released: 8th April 2013

‘Seafood’ is the new single from London based music and video arts group Beaty Heart. This will be the sixth release from Heart Throb Records, who have already put out material from the likes of Must, Torches and Loom since forming in 2012. The track will be released on a limited run of 100 cassettes (with an instant download) available through Heart Throb’s Bandcamp page.

A jubilant slice of off-kilter pop, ‘Seafood’ is the type of unpredictable delight expected of the tirelessly creative collective. Beaty Heart juxtapose musical and cultural influences from popular music across the globe into their work, weaving an array of samples, instrumentation and percussion to create a sound described as ‘psychedelic drum pop’ and ‘funfair-punk’. Both Beaty Heart’s live and recorded music is accompanied by original artwork and video created by the band members.

The band strive to create pop music that cannot be sonically associated to any particular time or place, constructing their music by using the aspects of many forms of popular music that they feel are ‘timeless’.

Starting their discography with the single ‘2 Good’ on Loose Lips Records, Beaty Heart also have a self-released EP under their belt, as well as tours with the likes of The Rapture and Peace. No strangers to collaborations, the band have also released a project with producer Johan Hugo titled ‘House The Boat’ and been involved in live shows with the Roundhouse Choir, performing at the Roundhouse and the Olympic Park in Stratford as part of the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Beaty Heart have lent their creativity to industrial designer Ron Arad and video collective, Eyes On The Wall, as part of ‘Curtain Call’, a 360 degree screen installation and to Crystal Fighters for the video of their 2012 track ‘Plage’. Produced by Al O’Connell, recent winner of the Recording Engineer of the Year award from the Music Producers Guild, ‘Seafood’ will feature on the band’s debut album, due for release later this year. During the writing process they have been working on stripping back their sound, clearing away some of the clutter that comes from being a new band searching for its own identity. Their new material exposes strong melodies and songwriting abilities, whilst also retaining the strong percussive backbone of their previous work.

HT003 - Torches - Someone Needs A Ritual 7”

Pre-order the 7” now.

We are very pleased to announce that, following in from their acclaimed debut single ‘Sky Blue & Ivory’ b/w ‘Silent Film’, London noir-pop five piece Torches are set to release their second single ‘Someone Needs A Ritual’ on November 5th with us, Heart Throb Records. 

Taking a lead from ‘Sky Blue & Ivory’s dark anthemry, ‘Someone Needs A Ritual’ displays the five-pieces fast-pace darkened twitchs. Charlie Drinkwater’s vocals once again take centre-stage with his nostalgically harked chorus lines, as the track’s swing weaves through etched guitar lines, rampant synth stabs and pulsating electronic drum patterns. 

Already championed by the likes of Huw Stephens on Radio One - who booked the band for a slot on his Swn Festival stage at the end of October - as well as NME, The Guardian and The Fly amongst many others, Torches invigorating take on the twisted hue of pop’s outer edges is quickly finding them a besotted throng of hearts and minds. 

Torches are Charlie Drinkwater, Nic Smith, Alex Sprogis, Steph Anderson and Ed Kellend. 

"Is there anything better to dispel the gloom than a great bloody WHOMP of glistening guitars and sky-burst choruses? […] akin to a giddier I Like Trains." NME 

"Theirs is a sparse, sinisterly-tinged gothic sound with frontman Charlie Drinkwater’s baritone vocals commanding attention amid a fusion of intense drumming and rolling ominous waves from the organ." Clash

HT002 - Silkies - Like One EP

HT002 - Silkies - Like One EP - October 29th
Pre-order the limited 50 run of cassette here.
1. Like One
2. Red
3. Movies
4. It Hurts To Be Sixteen (Heart Throb Bonus Track - Andrea Carroll Cover)

Honoured, thrilled, beyond excited to be telling you about our second release. All the way from Austin, Texas, Silkies are responsible for one our favourite tracks of the year to date with ‘Like One’. They’ve made an entire EP of new tracks to back up its brilliance, and we’re releasing this alongside Young Latitudes, who handle the digital side of things.

Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal founded Silkies by accident on an especially hot summer day in Austin, Texas. They had played in bands together before, but they were frustrated with their creative outcomes.  A week before the pair endeavored to move to Boston for their respective careers (Caufield pursues a Ph.D at Harvard and Lira works to become a chef), Caufield handed Lira his guitar and instructed her to play whatever came to mind while he sat at the drum kit. Five or ten minutes later, they wrote Like One, and Silkies was born.

Silkies' irrepressible attitude owes much to the swagger of garage rock and the infectious harmonies of girl groups, also taking a page from the high-spirited sound of early 90s riot grrrl. Reigning in these sometimes disparate influences, Silkies' first self-recorded EP attempts to capture the kinetic moment before a song is written or completed.  Ideas grow before they assume their final shapes: Silkies aspires to the spontaneity of the first live take, with particular attention to the indescribable attractions of sonic space and location.  Their first single Like One sets the tone for the entire release, fluctuating between brash confidence and vulnerable sincerity, from symmetrically-constructed hooks to off-kilter guitar lines, a naive story of hypothetical love chant-shouted over a frenetic pulse.

Now that Silkies have landed in their new Boston home, they are looking into assembling a group for live gigs and even touring performances.  They are making music videos for their first batch of songs, and have their eyes set on another release before the new year. 

CRACK IN THE ROAD - “blisteringly addictive garage-pop

HT001 - Crash & The ‘Coots - John Coles Park EP

Heart Throb is pleased to announce its first release: the debut physical EP from Crash & The ‘Coots

When we decided to start Heart Throb, we settled on a couple of core foundations before even approaching any acts: We wanted the music to be fun, gutsy and exciting. Crash & The ‘Coots have these qualities in spades and when we first heard them back in the Winter months of 2012, they clearly showed themselves up as one of the most forward-thinking pop acts in the country. 

We’ll be releasing a very limited run of 100 cassettes by the band from 15th October. The tapes are available for pre-order now on the Heart Throb bandcamp.

Those who pre-order will receive an immediate download of all four tracks, including a secret cover song from the band. Heart Throb asked Crash… to record a version of a song from their celebrated Heart Throb of choice. It could be anyone from Jason Donavan to Jack White (it was neither of these: It was someone much, much better). 

Tracklist - Crash & The ‘Coots - ‘John Coles Park EP’
1. Emily (hehe)
2. Don’t Have Any Legs
3. Brian Fury Wins
4. Exclusive Heart Throb cover

More info soon….

This week Heart Throb is announcing its debut release; a one-off, limited edition cassette from one of our favourite new bands. We couldn’t be more excited.